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    LNG Loading Arm
    LNG Loading Arm
    product name:LNG Loading Arm
    Category:LNG Truck Loading Arm


    Design Temp.: -196 ℃
    Design Pressure: -0.06~2 Mpa
    Nominal Diameter: DN100~DN500
    Pipe Material: C.S, S.S, Low temp. Steel, Lined with PTFE.

    LNG Loading Arm is applied for the LNG loading & unloading on the LNG receiving terminals and transit stations. The material of the cryogenic truck loading arm is stainless steel 316L, and to be fabricated by special welding process. Swivel joint, the key components of cryogenic truck loading arm, was designed associated with aerospace institute. The leakage problem due to the damaged seal surface resulted from weld deformation was completely solved. It is the authentic “zero leakage” technology and filled the technical gap of loading industry.

    The global LNG loading arm manufacturers facing a problem that the steel ball is difficult to be took out during replace the seal of swivel joint. The swivel joint has to be disassembled and delivery to the factory for replacement or repair.

    CHANGLONG’s special design ensure the seal could be changed at site with easy operation.

    Reasonable design of nitrogen purging system avoid nitrogen pipe block or swivel joint frozen in case of incorrect operation.

    2” full bore valve instead of 3” reduced bore valve. Valve weight and moment of outboard arm reduced ensure the operation is more easy.

    Simplified spring cylinder ensure a better balance of outboard arm. The maintenance and reset is more easy.